Feather Frame Embroidery Design
Feather Frame Embroidery Design

Feather Frame Embroidery Design

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The peacock embroidery design with an open oval frame. The peacock feather is an embroidery fill design with no outline stitch.

The example font shown in the first picture is my circle fill font.
Please note: there is NOT a font included in this listing.

The Peacock Feather Embroidery design includes the following sizes:
4x4: 1" monogram
5x7: 2" monogram
6x10: 2.5" monogram


If you wish to customize this monogram with a specific monogram font, you will need an embroidery editing program installed on your computer.

Our recommendation for an embroidery program is always Embrilliance Essentials. They offer both a free express program, and an extended program for $150. Embrilliance Essentials also offers excellent customer service and helpful youtube videos to assist in getting started.


For video tutorials on downloading files to your desktop, and using Embrilliance Essentials Software please visit our Youtube channel.