Graham Satin Embroidery Font
Graham Satin Embroidery Font

Graham Satin Embroidery Font

Regular price $3.99

The Satin Stitch Graham Embroidery Font is out best selling Reynolds font in a thicker, bolder version. This font shows up better on a high pile item such as towels, sweatshirts, and fleece.

The Reynolds Satin stitch font retails for $2.25 per size in our Etsy shop, but is available here for 8 sizes at $9.

This collection also includes coordinating & and Dots to complete your monograms in any size ranging from .5" to 3.5", all which fit inside of a 4x4 hoop.

The Reynolds Satin Stitch font is available with this download in the following sizes and formats:

.5", .75", 1", 1.5", 2"

If you would like to customize your own monograms you will need an embroidery editing program installed on your computer.

Our recommendation for an embroidery program is always Embrilliance Essentials. They offer both a free express program, and an extended program for $150. Embrilliance Essentials also offers excellent customer service and helpful youtube videos to assist in getting started.


For video tutorials on downloading files to your desktop, and using Embrilliance Essentials Software please visit our Youtube channel: